Zentangle® Meets Wine
at Graffiti Paintbar

If you can write your name, you can learn to create beautiful Zentangle® artwork, one stroke at a time. Chill out, grab a glass of wine while our Certified Zentangle Teachers show you how to get started on this new, art-for-everyone movement that’s sweeping the globe!

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Examples of Zentangle "Tiles" created by first-time students… 

Zentangle offers a wonderful way to leave the world behind and recenter you mind by shifting focus. Think of it as mini retreat from your daily cares.

Zentangle is a meditative drawing process developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas to quiet the mind while creating intricate works of art. One of the many benefits of Zentangle is that people of all ages, regardless of prior drawing experience, can engage in this mindful activity and achieve a satisfying sense of creative accomplishment.

One stroke at a time, seemingly complex patterns come to life and combine to form beautiful and mesmerizing abstract works of art, each as unique as the person who created it.

It’s easy for the uninitiated to mistake Zentangle® for doodling. The biggest difference is that the practice of Zentangle requires focus, intent, and concentration which transports “Tanglers” to a state of creative “flow”.

Join us on a creative journey where the outcome is never restricted by preconceived expectations. One stroke of the pen builds upon another until a completed work of art comes into being. 

If you can write your name, you can create Zentangle art "even if you can't draw a stick figure!"

Zentangle is a creative relaxation process suitable for almost anyone—no prior art experience required! At your very first introductory class, a Certified Zentangle Teacher will guide you step-by-step to complete a beautiful Zentangle "Tile" similar to those shown in the photos to the left. The fun builds from there in subsequent classes as you eventually learn to create your own Zentangle Inspired Art.

Some of The Many Benefits of Zentangle:

  • A peaceful, soothing method to quiet your mind
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Jumpstart creative the thought process
  • Treatment for insomnia when done before bedtime
  • Portability—pocket-size kit can go anywhere
  • Affordability—no expensive equipment required
  • Anger management
  • Addiction therapy
  • Team building and group focus
  • Achievable sense of artistic accomplishment by all
  • Suitable for all ages
  • No prior artistic experience required