Family Time: Making Art Together at Graffiti Paintbar

Looking for a fun and different activity the whole family will enjoy?

Painting with your kids is a great way to make lasting family memories. What better art to adorn your walls than unique, colorful paintings your kids made? Be sure to check out our photo gallery!

Young or young at heart, everyone has fun at Graffiti Paintbar! You don't have to tell the kids they are actually learning important skills that will carry over into all aspects of their development. Exploring and trying out ideas in the course of creating art calls upon critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The world needs more creative thinkers!

At Graffiti Paintbar, we guide you step-by-step to paint the session's featured painting. You can follow along, or veer off in your own direction to explore you own creative ideas. We encourage creativity and experimentation. It's usually the kids who surprise us with new ideas. Everybody leaves with a painting that is a unique expression of their individuality.

Kids are welcome at all public sessions at Graffiti Paintbar . We don't have an age limit as we prefer to leave that decision to parents. Plans are in the works for special teen and kids-only sessions.