Graffiti Paintbar: Walk in a Skeptic. Walk Out with a Masterpiece!

For those who haven't lifted a paintbrush since elementary school, it's hard to imagine that a complete novice with "zero artistic ability" might actually walk out of Graffiti Paintbar with a painting they will be proud enough to display. Yet night after night we're making believers out of total skeptics.

At least 90% of those who have painted at Graffiti Paintbar indicate that they are complete newbies. Others indicate they are repeat customers, back for a second or third session. At the start of every painting season there is a lot of self-doubt and even fear of failure in the air. After a couple hours of step-by-step instruction and encouragement, the transformation is magical!

Walking around the room, it's amazing to see just how impressive the paintings are. Each painting is unique and wonderful, and better still, our painters report that they enjoyed the experience and look forward to returning with friends and family. Be sure to visit out Graffiti Paintbar Facebook Page to see lots more photos! We think you'll be impressed!