Bachelorette Parties—Graffiti Paintbar Style!

Looking for a unique venue for a bachelorette party? Surprise the bride to be with a Graffiti Paintbar paint party! A perfectly fun and creative way to bring friends and both sides of the family together to get to know each other a little better before the big day.

The best part? Each guest goes home with a painting suitable for display that will long remind them of the wonderful time they had, celebrating before the big day! Suitable for all ages!

You may bring food and/or a cake into the studio, but all beverages must be purchased on site. We have a great selection of wine, beer and malt beverages, as well as soft drinks, coffee and tea.

All it takes is 25 painters to reserve the studio for your private event and you choose the painting.  We make the process easy. You may opt to pay for all of your guests, or you have the option of allowing your guests to register themselves on a dedicated events web page where they can reserve their own seats online. 

If you have less than 25 in your group, consider booking seats at one of our regular public events. If you reserve before we've added a public event to the calendar, we'll work with you to post a painting of your choice for that event. And of course we'll seat you all together. The only difference is that the event will not be closed to the public.

Learn more about Graffiti Paintbar private events here. If you have any questions, call the studio at 603-589-9948, or send an email to We are usually able to answer emails faster than we're able to return phone calls.

We look forward to hosting your private event!

Family Time: Making Art Together at Graffiti Paintbar

Looking for a fun and different activity the whole family will enjoy?

Painting with your kids is a great way to make lasting family memories. What better art to adorn your walls than unique, colorful paintings your kids made? Be sure to check out our photo gallery!

Young or young at heart, everyone has fun at Graffiti Paintbar! You don't have to tell the kids they are actually learning important skills that will carry over into all aspects of their development. Exploring and trying out ideas in the course of creating art calls upon critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The world needs more creative thinkers!

At Graffiti Paintbar, we guide you step-by-step to paint the session's featured painting. You can follow along, or veer off in your own direction to explore you own creative ideas. We encourage creativity and experimentation. It's usually the kids who surprise us with new ideas. Everybody leaves with a painting that is a unique expression of their individuality.

Kids are welcome at all public sessions at Graffiti Paintbar . We don't have an age limit as we prefer to leave that decision to parents. Plans are in the works for special teen and kids-only sessions.

First time painters: Overcoming the fear.

At Graffiti Paintbar, our biggest challenge is convincing potential customers that they CAN paint even if they haven't lifted a paintbrush since elementary school. A typical paint session starts out with apprehension and fear of failure overhanging the studio. Instead of feeling liberated at the prospect of engaging in a creative project for which there is no right or wrong result, freedom can be foreign and scary.

Just as no two signatures are ever alike, neither will two paintings ever be the same, even when repeated by the same artist. We encourage our painters to relax and enjoy the process of mixing and adding paint to their canvases. We remind everyone that we are not in the business of selling paintings at Graffiti Paintbar, we sell the experience of painting. Each painter will have a different experience with the paint and go home with a painting uniquely their own. We make it a point to give as much individual attention and encouragement as we can at each session to make sure each experience is positive.

At every session, we consistently witness a transformation from fear and skepticism, to pride, and even astonishment, as paintings progress. By the end of each evening we have a studio full of believers discussing which painting they are going to sign up for to paint next! We rarely have a session where there isn't at least one repeat customer in the studio.

Check out our customer photos. Each painting is different, yet each is uniquely wonderful! Can you believe these are first-time painters? 

Graffiti Paintbar: Walk in a Skeptic. Walk Out with a Masterpiece!

For those who haven't lifted a paintbrush since elementary school, it's hard to imagine that a complete novice with "zero artistic ability" might actually walk out of Graffiti Paintbar with a painting they will be proud enough to display. Yet night after night we're making believers out of total skeptics.

At least 90% of those who have painted at Graffiti Paintbar indicate that they are complete newbies. Others indicate they are repeat customers, back for a second or third session. At the start of every painting season there is a lot of self-doubt and even fear of failure in the air. After a couple hours of step-by-step instruction and encouragement, the transformation is magical!

Walking around the room, it's amazing to see just how impressive the paintings are. Each painting is unique and wonderful, and better still, our painters report that they enjoyed the experience and look forward to returning with friends and family. Be sure to visit out Graffiti Paintbar Facebook Page to see lots more photos! We think you'll be impressed!